We have a number of solutions to make your shell scheme stand exciting, vibrant AND welcoming

Exhibiting in a shell scheme booth generally means you have limited floor space. Ideally, you should utilise a system that sits on, or as close to, the walls of the shell scheme as possible. We have a comprehensive range of solutions from graphics that fit directly to the walls of the booth to stand alone modular systems that fit within the walls of the booth. Both allow the maximum use of the available space. All of our modular systems have the added advantage that they can also be used in other exhibition or display environments.

Costs vary from just £65 per drop for our self adhesive shell scheme graphics to a few thousand pounds for a modular system. Most of our shell scheme solutions are designed to be self built. The cost of installation is therefore kept to a minimum. If your sales team would prefer to simply turn up on the day of the exhibition, we offer a full install and break down service.

For free friendly advice on which solution best suits your requirements, call us on 01782 525502 and we’ll make sure you’re set up with the perfect exhibition stand for you.