T3 Shell kit Shell scheme Exhibition Stand

T3 Shell Kit Shell Scheme Solution
Create a custom look in your shell scheme

T3 Shell Kit is the perfect shell scheme kit it uses a simple clamp which provides a simple way to fix a modular display framework directly to your shell scheme, creating an extremely strong and rigid framework that carry wall hung graphics as easily as a clip display. T3 Shell Kit can be clad with fabric or printed graphic panels.

Uniquely designed, T3 ShellKit means you are not restricted to having panel sizes the same width as the shell scheme panels, meaning that you can cover your wall in as many sections as you choose rather than with one panel.

If you want to reuse existing graphics, T3 Shell Kit is so versatile that you don’t need to cover the entire shell scheme wall either as the framework can be fitted so it “floats” on the shell scheme wall.

Incredibly compact, after fitting your T3 ShellKit will sit just 60mm away from your shell scheme wall so you won’t lose any valuable stand space.

T3 ShellKit is as easy to build as you would expect, using the same patented connect, twist and lock system that you will find across our full product range. T3 ShellKit will break down into easily manageable lengths for ease of transport.


Some Stand Examples:


This video shows how easy it is to build your exhibition stand and transform your shell scheme using the T3 Shellkit.

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