A small exhibition stand doesn’t need to be an unappealing exhibition stand. Just because you have limited space or a limited budget doesn’t mean you have to have just a desk and a few posters. Who is going to visit a stand like that?

Even if you have a small shell scheme and just a few hundred pounds to spend on your graphics you could put floor to ceiling self adhesive graremovable wallpaperphics on the walls to make the whole thing more professional and attractive to visitors.

These prints are simple to put up and at the end of the show you can easily remove them and put them in the nearest bin.



Twist 3 Panel Flexi Link


For a little more money, you could have a Twist System, Easy to transport and simple to erect, the Twist System has been one of our best selling ‘out of the box’ display solutions for a number of years. Twist can grow with you – as you take on more and bigger floor spaces, the addition of extra stands enables you to grow your display without the need to change your entire system.



T3 Shellkit 3x3 Stand


If you know the size of your stand and you’d like your shell scheme to be that little bit different from all the others, one of out T3 Shell Kits could be the answer. True seamless graphics are achieved by printing directly to fabric and stretching the graphic onto a frame that clamps to the walls of the shell scheme.