Another classic job using the T3 display system


T3 Display System

T3 Display System

We were approached by the design team at The Capture Factory in Leek with a request to recommend a display system for Blue Diamond Services one of their clients

Blue Diamond are leaders in the restoration of Riley Motor Cars and they needed a display that could be used in their workshop, in a marquee, in an exhibition hall and anywhere else they hadn’t yet thought of! Another part of the brief was that the size of the display would probably vary so whatever the system it had to be flexible and scaleable. The display system needed to be easy to self build as installation and breakdown by the Cipher team would exceed the budget.

Early on in our discussions, it was evident to that the T3 Display System was the way forward as this solution ticks all of the boxes. Also, by using fabric graphics, we’d be able to produce huge, imposing, seamless graphics that would be easy to fit to the system.

Rhys at The Capture Factory designed the graphics to our specification and we printed a small sample on the blockout fabric material we were going to use for the final job to ensure that the corporate colours printed correctly.

Once we had the framework and the graphics ready, we pre-built the stand at our premises just to ensure that everything was perfect prior to delivery to Blue Diamond. Richard from The Capture Factory came across to our works where he was given instruction on how the framework should be built and how the graphics fitted the frame.

The image you see is just one iteration of the entire build. We actually produced 4 off 3m x 2m stands which, with clever planning, also allows one 6m x 2m stand to be built. In the future, as Blue Diamond’s requirements change, we’ll be able to add to the framework to build new sizes and new shapes. We are even talking about having graphics on both sides of the display for certain events. All we need do is produce new graphics!

John at Blue Diamond and Rhys and Richard at The Capture Factory are delighted with the result of our endeavours. They have an eye catching display that is flexible, modular and easy to build.