The Best Value Pop Up Display Stand

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Best value Pop-up Display Stand

The Best Value Pop-up display stand is not always the cheapest!

Many pop-up display stands available today are manufactured at the lowest possible cost. Quality is poor, and the system itself is flimsy. If you want a pop-up display that does exactly what you want, see what our best value pop-up display has to offer!

  • Our frames are made from box aluminium tubing, offering better structural stability than other systems made with cylindrical tubing!
  • Our frames feature fully adjustable twist out
    feet on floor facing hubs, so graphic alignment is perfect!
  • Our channel bars neatly recess into the hubs, so graphics sit perfectly flat!
  • Our graphic hangers feature a floating button magnet, offering 360 degree adjustability of graphic panels to achieve perfect alignment!
  • Our top hubs are a bright yellow colour, to help you identify which way the frame is set up!
  • Our bundles are supplied in tough rotationally moulded cases, not in brittle blow moulded cases, and include a pair of 150w flood lights and a folding case to counter conversion top.
  • Available as straight or curved frames
    in 3 x 3 and 4 x 3 configurations.

For more information about our best value pop-up display, give us a call on 01782 525502

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