Flag Care

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How to care for your flag


Never store your flag when wet. Always hang it up and allow it to dry before storing.

Pollution & Ultra Violet

It is true that pollution will cause the white areas of a flag to become grey and UV can, overtime cause deterioration of the flag and in time, some fading of the colours.

Life expectancy of a Flag

This is terribly difficult to predict as it is entirely dependant on the climatic conditions and hours of flying. Realistic maximum life span of a flag in regular use is 6 months.
Flags are generally viewed as an act of promotion or courtesy and on this basis we recommend that they are retained in good condition. People often buy flags in threes, one to fly, one in the wash or in repair and one spare. Flags are an inexpensive and excellent promotional tool.

Flag Maintenance

If the wind is strong it is recommended that you take your flag down. Heavy rain combined with high winds is the worst combination as rain increases the weight of the flag and thus the wind-loading exerted on the pole. You should never fly a flag when the wind is Force 8 or greater.

Washing & Repair

Flags can be washed in a regular household washing machine on a 40 degree wash with normal detergents. If the end of the flag is frayed trim, reinforce and re-hem to extend the life.


Damage is often caused by objects that the flag beats on when flying, typically if it is incorrectly sited against a wall or similar. Make sure that your flag cannot catch or snag on the pole or another object nearby.