High quality shell scheme stands

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If your organisation exhibits within a shell scheme, the chances are this is due to a restricted budget – your budget won’t run to a custom built stand. However, there’s no reason you can’t create an imaginative stand using your company’s branding. We can work with you (and your budget) to ensure you have a stand that is uniquely yours and showcases your organisation and its products and service in the most effective manner.

We have various graphic and hardware solutions to create a stand with real impact. Many of our solutions sit in front of the shell scheme walls removing from view the unsightly posts and plain foamex panels. We have simple to build solutions with rollable graphics to give a seamless look or we have other, slightly more complex, solutions that utilise totally seamless fabric graphics.

It is also possible to add counters (either built in or freestanding), storage units, shelving units and literature displays for a totally functional, branded stand that can be used time and again – without breaking the budget.