The changing face of print

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The Changing Face of Print & Print Procurement

The continued rise of the internet, email marketing and social media has had a profound effect on the printing industry.
Print has not died – it has merely changed. We all still use business cards but how many of us use fax header sheets?

Brochures and leaflets are still designed and printed. However, the runs tend to be shorter (though the bigger jobs do still exist) and more targeted. An increasing number of print buyers are aware of the benefits that digital print offers in the short run, fast turnaround world . It is no longer acceptable to have money tied up in printed stock, this is why people now choose the “print what you need – when you need it”, digital approach. Our digital production facility gives high quality results at competitive prices often with 24 hours.


Online procurement and print management

Our cloud based, on line service enables you to create and buy print at any time of the day or night 365 days a year. It is platform independent so can be used on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. There is no software to download either!

Following a similar model to Tesco and Sainsbury, we create an online shop specifically for you and your requirements. From the store you can buy all of your stock items, amend and order business cards, order a roller banner stand and upload the artwork. Anything you want to purchase, we can put in there. You can check stock of, call off and re-order your brochures for example. Everything is password protected so only you and designated users can access the site and procure items. Even if it’s a product we don’t actually manufacture the system will still save a you a huge amount of time. For a demonstration of how this powerful tool will revolutionise how you buy your print, give us a call today on 01782 525502