Introducing the Zoom Aqua floating flag

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Zoom Aqua Floating Flag

The Zoom Aqua Flag is a great addition to the flag range, specially designed to float in lakes, rivers and reservoirs.
Available as a Feather or Quill shape and up to 3.7m high, these floating flags are a great way to advertise your message on water!

The Zoom Aqua flag is a must have for any water based event, really push the boat out with this unusual style floating flag, don’t let water restrict the possibility of advertising!

  • Kit includes anchor to keep in position, tether rope to retrieve, galvanised steel counter weight, pole and base
  • Pole constructed using the tough Zoom Grande design
  • For use in rivers, ponds and lakes with a minimum water depth of 1.2m and maximum 3.4m
  • Not suitable for open sea use
  • Hard wearing flag

This video shows how to use the Zoom Aqua Floating Flag